Why Us

More Fruit

That’s right. More Fruit

Our unique formula produces a higher dry matter which has a positive effect on not only fruit yields but also fruit taste, and subsequently, grower returns!

More Taste

Yes! More Taste

A recent Hayward trial has shown that to maximise taste, size, and shape, wet artificial pollination is an efficient and the preferable way of producing many, many first-class trays!

More Returns

The Moola

Aside from wet pollination being a cost-effective solution, it also makes way for an abundance of
top-notch fruit that just so happens to generate enjoyable returns. You’re welcome!

More of the good stuff

That’s right! We can achieve more taste in Gold Kiwifruit, and more taste, better size, and shape in Green Kiwifruit. We can also boost all round fruit yields for a better return.   

How do we do that?

All Terrain Pollination applies a wet pollen directly onto the flowers using a patented process designed and tested in New Zealand and proven for the Kiwifruit industry. As an added bonus, our wet pollen is not only cost-effective but can also be applied in almost any weather conditions ensuring maximisation of pollination where both dry application and bees are ineffective.

What about dry application?

In a recent Hayward trial, wet pollen application was run alongside dry pollen application. The trial demonstrated significantly better outcomes using wet pollen application resulting in bigger and better-shaped fruit that produced a larger number of first-class trays.

Customer Results

Our Process at a Glance

Step 1.

Pollen is mixed into a suspension using de-ionised water in specially designed mixing vessels.

Step 2.

The suspension of pollen is transferred from the mixing vessel.

Step 3.

The pollen reservoir is pressurised and an air curtain blower is started ready for pollen application.

Step 4.

Four wheeled motorbikes are then driven at set speeds under each row of kiwifruit canopy.

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